Rugrat Records is a Music & Art Community providing a NETWORKING HUB in order to Assist & Support the diy/independent artist & create Platforms & Opportunities to get the exposure they need & deserve! 
Do it yourself doesn't have to be do it alone! 
Simply put, we bring the DIT or do It TOGETHER experience to the DIY artist. 

Our services are offered for free, linking artists with promotional platforms so that their creative works may be enjoyed by an expanding audience.
These platforms include album reviews & interviews, blogs, podcasts & zines, playlists, radio play & opportunities to perform live at local venues, festivals & house shows. 

We also help connect musicians with reliable, affordable & local industry services, including, music production, photography/videography, artist/merch production, live event stage/sound/light/security reinforcement, booking agents & artist management.
The synergistic power of DIT...Doing It Together! 

We have a vision to build a FAMILY of like minded Artists who work TOGETHER to create a local music culture where creativity is encouraged and new talent is promoted.

We support and provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ and the Black Lives Matter communities.