Spitphyre's single -DANCE review 

   "Super different and experimental", that's how Jon Thomas from Spitphyre described their new release submitted for review. Knowing Jon to be a hardrocker (his band provided NY support 3 years in a row for The Ned tours), I figured "experimental" meant some sort of NOISE project? I was blindsided by what I heard...I should have taken hint from the title ...DANCE! With the 4 on the floor, 16 on the hat & a bright funky up/down guitar strum intro, they didn't go for modern Pop Dance/ EDM, but with all the elements of Classic Disco it brought me back to my Jr. High Dance (yes this metalhead's guilty pleasure was a bit of KC & Bee Gee's) All it needed now was a smooth horn section obbligato... and boom! There it is! Complete with trombone, euphonium, french horn & sax...a seductive call to the dance floor. 
   Now everybody loves to get a lil dance on & as quiet as it's kept...even hardrockers will take a break from the Pit to Boogie! "We wrote this song with the pure intention of getting the crowd on their feet" Jon later explained to me in an interview... and with the catchy & happily harmoized hook "dance dance dance with me", this song is hard to resist... A subtle shoulder-shrug, a half way hip sway or with hands flaring & booty shaking in ridiculous abandonment...DANCE is sure to get you moving! And just to let you know they are still true to the hard and heavy... some dirty guitar slides into the 2nd verse & later a classic face melting lead! I'm excited for Spitphyre who were all high school buddies growing up in Suffern New York & now college students throughout the Metro area.... they are looking for creative ways to engage the crowd & ensure them a great time...even if it means stepping outside of their comfort zone a bit. They recently opened up on the #PamNationPartyStage at the prestigious  Pleasantville Music Festival which featured acts like Soul Asylum & Everclear & currently have shows throughout the Metro area scheduled, more recording planned & an East Coast tour next summer(we will be hosting them in FL)...working long & hard to have their music heard far and wide! Give their new tune Dance a STREAM, then give their recent album Sunset Skies a go. FOLLOW their Pages, give them a SHOUT of encouragement ....and thank you for your awesome support of DIY/ independent artists! 

Dance on Spotify 

Art(aka Pappa Ned)✌

Proud Miranda ep review - Eve was Framed 

Stripped-down & raw, bluesy rock & roll with clever, cryptic lyrics & a cornucopia of bad ass attitude....Proud Miranda, from Tampa Florida, joins the rise of rock duets with their, in your face, more of a message than a title, "Eve was framed" ep. Recorded live at Illuminator Sound in Clearwater in one long 6 hour session straight through, this under-produced work delivers no-frills, just chills to a minimalist audience that demands nothing less than authentic heart and soul! The power of live recording is in the Real Time Vibe that it captures... as I listened to the EP my first impression was that these cats really enjoy playing music with each other! And you sense their sassy satisfaction of having their own platform to speak on topics that matter to them, including struggles with alcohol abuse, eating disorders, self-worth and sexual orientation. Newlywed rockers, Kate Miller on guitar/vocals & Amanda Miller on drums/vocals draw upon the influences of dynamic artists such as Patti Smith, The Breeders, Liz Phair and Bikini Kill to contribute their own clarion voice and substantial strength to the current GIRL POWER movement which is very prevalent in pop culture (Did you see Toy Story 4? Little Bo Peep is not just saving sheep, she is a kick ass super hero rescuing the toy community!)
PM's not so subtle approach can be summed up in the smart & sarcastic lines "If we ain't bad bitches then I don't know who is yeah, we are too big for our bridges which we all know is a sin yeah." With a sense of destiny driving them, this dynamic duo is on a life mission to entertain the masses, speak truth to power, encourage the underdog & to have the time of their lives doing it! Give PROUD MIRANDA some love as you STREAM their music, FOLLOW their pages, give them a SHOUT of encouragement, SEE them live & BUY some merch! 
Thank you for your support a DIY artists! 

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Art (aka PAPPA NED)✌

Dutch Martin's 1939 review 

   Multiple layers of TRIPPY TREASURES engrossing the ARTSY-CRAFTSY crowd with a smorgasbord of COLORFUL sounds.... Dutch Martin's new release,1939, is never dull & drabby, but is ENGAGING & ENTERTAINING from the musical opener, WINTER SOLSTICE, through the OUTRA......enchanting even the most easily distracted (me!) with a fascinating plethura of STRAINS, TONES, ECHOES & TRILLS, DISSONANCE, MELODY & CURIOUS FRILLS! The band members are also multi media ARTISTS which definitely lends to the well structured Symphony Of Sounds! So much happening for the ear hole, makes it fun to hear again & again, discovering something new with each listen. A big woop! woop! to producer & Full Sail graduate, Luke Leuterio for a stellar job of capturing & arranging the many bits into a TASTY & PALATABLE work. Emerging out of the THRIVING underground music scene in FLAGLER COUNTY Florida, DUTCH MARTIN'S is... Evi  Menshikova on guitar/vocals...who moved to NYC from Russia as a child,relocating to Florida as a teen and since has become a key figure in the LOCAL DIY MUSIC SCENE. Christina Ann on bass/vocals... her trained,BIG STAGE pipes(she is a theater geek) are showcased best in Snail Mail cover, STATIC BUZZ. On drums is the very fun & infectious Derrek.Mason, previously of the beloved Rugrat Fav, PIGEON COLLISION from DeLand.. 
   Self-described as psych/Indie/Alt....DM is yet another CROSS-GENRE band in the ECLECTIC FLORIDA MUSIC SCENE blossoming with many Sub-Genre multiple descriptive word acts... most of these bands began as straight Punk, Metal or Indie-Rock but in The Cauldron Of Suburban Isolation, this ARTISTICALLY  TOLERANT generation brewed up a CREATIVE CONCOCTION of sounds & styles AUTHENTICALLY & PROUDLY THEIR VERY OWN! 
   Young angst, good advice, rage & random silliness... a song in Russian and a melancholy cover of 60's psychedelic band,Turtles' hit, HAPPY TOGETHER! 
Give 1939 MANY listens & ENJOY the enigma that is DUTCH MARTINS... give them a SHOUT of love, see them LIVE & thank YOU for SUPPORTING DIY musicians! Art✌

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Depressed ep Review - Millennial Cowboy 

   Straightforward Melodies that stick in the head, crunchy guitar riffs, raspy vocals, fuzzy beards with a laid-back "don't give a f attitude" ...it's Southern Fried Punk, served with a side of BEER! 
   Depressed is buddies Sam Equire on lead vocals/guitar and Ty "leadfoot" Leuth on drums who met in High School & together started the band about 2 years ago, adding Zack Jameson on bass shortly after and finally "The Savage" on guitar! 
From small-town Bunnell, DEPRESSED has made a BIG impression on the Florida underground music scene with their amiable personalities(which isn't talked about much, but friendly bands attract fans!)Their entertaining stage shows (Sam wears scary makeup and Zach smashed his bass!) and their authentic/millennial-centric music! When I first heard their debut EP Millennial Cowboy, DEPRESSED made me so HAPPY,(go figure) cuz it took me back to my metal roots,giving nod to Motorhead, (especially with Sam's growly voice) but maybe a more sedated Motorhead ...much better for this old boy who no longer has the need for speed, hehe! 
   This 4 song work begins with ep title Millennial Cowboy, which appropriately gives a "trail riding song" feel that would be spot-on for a modern Blazing Saddles reboot! 
FUN LYRICS... "Now that you know me...let's have a beer or six" 
REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS..."Am I a God or am I a robot?" 
CURIOUS TITLES..."Kim Thayil's Beard" and the very chill & trancy song "Turtle" (can't help to imagine a music video of a turtle simply crossing the street for the full 5 minute 21 seconds of this track with little Turtle thought captions over it's head, hehe...a definite Florida thing!).
Self Recorded by Ty at home-based studio, Broken Step (yes,they literally have a broken step), at Celtic Corners which is owned and operated by Ron and Rebecca Long who have become an integral part of the Rugrat community! This was the site for the first annual RUGSTOCK and home to many future amazing events including a huge Halloween show. Give Millennial Cowboy a listen...be sure to play it on 11! And give DEPRESSED some ?as you FOLLOW them, SHARE their art, SEE them live and give them an encouraging SHOUT out!


Thank you for supporting DIY ARTISTS! 

Home Is Where EP review: Our Mouths to Smile 

Impassioned vocals with curious words, buoyant melodies with no-nonsense breakdowns, arousing time changes, soulful harmonica riffs & an alluring magic saw... all taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride of musical bliss that will surely make your mouth smile! Probably one of my favorite albums this year from our local music scene, Our Mouths To Smile, by Palm Coast Indie punk rockers, Home Is Where, is one of those rare albums that track 1 is definitely your favorite, until you hear track 2...and so on until the end...repeat! If that isn't enough the next morning in the shower you are humming the trumpet solo from Cicada Summer (true story), Now that's a great musical work! 
Home is where is childhood buddies,Trace George on guitar & Sloppy Joe on drums,both from Hard Rock brother band,The Ned. Fat Slaps O'Brien is on bass, who provides a funky traveling bottom that often assumes the melody and frontman Brandon MacDonald who's chill folky voice is often intersected with black metal shrieks & who captivates his audience with haunting bow on saw solos. Brandon began his musical Journey as producer/artist "Osterman", a trippy psychedelic hip-hop act & together with the others from HIW break all genre rules with a more TIMELESS than trendy sound that is a great example of the very diverse movement of underground rock that is coming out of Florida.
For CREATIVITY a fat 10... They are a spell binding act that will continue to draw a cult following.... you need to see them live, there is so much to take in! For MARKETABILITY a confident 8... their songs are palatable enough to draw the mainstream and odd enough to bring in the outsider! 
Please listen to HOME IS WHERE often...that % of a penny per stream can add up & good numbers can land them bigger gigs. And SHARE their music far and wide....for as with all true artists, this is HIW's main goal...that their art is enjoyed and many mouths will smile! 

LIsten on Spotify

THANK YOU for supporting DIY artists. 

KHAOS LIGHT'S Failure To Adapt  

   Passionate RAP spit out mostly in 16 notes over a PROGRESSIVE ROCK rhythm section, presented in a THEATRICAL setting with actors, scenes and a vivid story of LIFE ,DEATH & HOPE for those struggling with suicide...Wow! 
   Failure to Adapt, by Khaos Light, has fed my craving for something truly unique with a chock full of creative genius! 
Rap music is not my go-to genre and thus has limited me to being familiar only with the more mainstream Hip-Hop Rap & of course as a Metalhead, I also embraced the Rock Rap movement...but reviewing this album has turned me on to all the many sub-genres of EXPERIMENTAL RAP...and we at Rugrat totally embrace the Experimental, Underground, Outsider, Non-mainstream sub-genres! 
   And so I've been on a Rap Journey over the past couple of days discovering the likes of the very cinematic Flying Lotus, Hamilton star Daveed Diggs of Clipping and even learned of Kanye West's dabbling with prog-rock in his 2010 album where Progressive Rock Legends, King Crimson's "21st century schizoid man" is sampled. 
   Khaos Light is so committed to this union of Rap & Prog that he even covers popular Math/Prog band CHON.

"Dew"- Chon Rap Cover: Khaos Light 

It fits amazingly well and rightfully so. After all, rap is more of a percussion art that uses the TIME value of a note rather than the PITCH value. Therefore it easily follows the many poly rhythms and time signature changes of prog-rock to a tee and isn't affected by the dissonant chords as singing a melody would be -- track 10, Cognitive Dissonance is a good example of this. 
   Failure to Adapt is well produced by Khaos Light's Michael Moody, from Austin Texas, who plays all instruments on the recording and on stage has a live band performing rather than pressing play... Much respect!. 
   And the theatrics! You're not just listening to great music here, but you are thrust into a drama that tackles relevant topics including mental health, suicide & the afterlife. 

This story is especially relative to me and our local music Community, as we have just lost one of our good music buddies to Suicide. I really appreciate Khaos Light's courage to tackle this sensitive topic in such a creative, articulate and passionate way as to help the person who has NOT experienced the torment of depression and anxiety to FEEL a bit of the despair and taste some of the horror and ultimately UNDERSTAND & relate better to the friend or family member who is suffering. I also believe that it will help those who are struggling to know that they are not ALONE, there are people who understand and are so very willing to listen and help, and that there is ultimately  so much HOPE! Thank you Michael!
   For creativity, I give Failure To Adapt a firm 10... I'm A.D.D. so it takes a lot to get & keep my attention... I was hooked from front to finish! 
   For marketability Failure To Adapt will appeal to the underground movement more than the mainstream, but I can see Khaos Light attracting a huge cult following and if he can get this work on stage with live actors and pit band, I believe this can be a very relevant and successful play! 
   Musicians do yourself a favor and give Failure To Adapt a listen... you will appreciate the stellar musicmanship and it will challenge you to push the envelope of your genre and go wherever your creative mind leads you! 
   Please follow Khaos Light, add his songs to your playlist and THANK YOU for supporting DIY/Independent Artists. 

Khaos Light's Youtube Channel

LIsten on Spotify

National Suicide Hotline 1800-273-8255

Art ✌

Mike Martinez's new release, Dope Lemonade 

Chill beats, Catchy sampled loops, Clear lyrics with POSITIVE VIBES makes for a palatable listening experience even for an old time Head-Banger like me who is not too familiar with the Hip-Hop scene. I knew I was going to have to come to terms sooner or later with reviewing Rap music, because it has become an integral part of our local music scene here in Florida! 
I see this as a beautiful thing because it speaks of a GENERATIONAL MUSIC MOVEMENT that embraces artists as a whole and not in segmented genres. As in the Woodstock days of old, where singer-songwriters like Joan Baez and Crosby,Stills&Nash opened up for hard rock acts like The Who and Jimi Hendrix, followed by the cultural sounds of Santana and Sly&the Family Stone.... we also have a flourishing music scene here in Florida and all the Players of THE AGE are representing! This should make us all excited, because it is easier to ride a wave of a movement into the hearts of the masses then to pioneer a path as an individual artist! 
Mike Martinez, originally from Connecticut, began freestyle battling in his school cafeteria as a young 10 year old boy. At 18,inspired by underground Hip-Hop shows in Boston, he began his musical career as ACTONE, garnering local acclaim, featured on college radio and eventually setting up shop in Massachusetts under the name MIKE TWAIN. The drug culture associated with the music world eventually got the better of Mike and addiction began to plague his life,at one point,even leaving him homeless. Escaping to Florida for better things, he continued to rap from 2011 to 2014 under the name MIKE MURDERER for his Rabid output of Beats and Rhymes... he continued to struggle with addiction. In 2015 Mike had a spiritual awakening, committed his life to God and now Spits out a Spout of GRATEFUL reflections... Clean living, a loving wife, amazing children and THE BEACH LIFE...his rapture over this Beachfully Blissful life is heard throughout this EP and obviously the inspiration behind his own Beach Village Records. 
Dope Lemonade, like all of Mike's music, is not for sale, although donations are always accepted, this work is his Free Offering Ode to a SECOND CHANCE, for a completely new life that anybody can experience if you Let Go, Look Up & Reach Out with All Your Heart! 
listen to Mike's music = Get Happy! 
Give him a shout on his FB page and Thank You for supporting Independent/ DIY Artists. 



REVIEW of Matt Curley's new release,Twilight ll Motel 


Contributing something authentically unique to the local Florida music scene, pioneer soloist Matt Curley strums out his own path to recognition with Twilight II Motel... A 16 track acoustic guitar instrumental for the chilling out pleasure of his punk rock, rapper and Singer songwriter peers... Ha! 

Contemplative melodies of mostly consonant chords produce a sweet soundtrack for our imaginations to run away with. Opening with an airy & easygoing track, appropriately entitled, WELCOME and closing with the serene, ENJOY YOUR STAY? There is definitely a narrative going on here... However the beauty and power of an instrumental work is that the interpretation of this narrative is left to us, the listener... no lyrics to limit the story being told and if one listens closely, the music will literally speak louder than words! To reinforce the story, there are similar chord combinations strung together from song to song like a score from a play or movie... it further keeps you connected to the drama unfolding. 

Simply stated, this work is SINCERE... Captured by Joe Gardella of Rugrat Records in a one take recording played straight through from beginning to end, there are no smoke & mirrors here, under-produced & totally authentic, this music is as real as it gets! 

For Creativity... How can you give a storyteller who uses only music anything less than a 9/10! 

For Marketability... It may not chart on College radio, but it will be very appealing to film and TV producers who are looking for instrumentals. In fact, when promoting songs to these companies for licensing, they usually ask for the instrumental version as well, which has more applications for them than music with lyric.... just watch an episode of THIS IS US, for the finest guitar work in the industry! So with that said, it's very marketable, a 9/10! 

I would love to see it performed live on stage paired with an artist drawing their interpretation! For now, sit back with a cup of tea or a goblet of wine by a cozy fire (literally what I am doing as I write)and let Matt Curley lead you into his world... Into his ADVENTURE at the Twilight II Motel. 

Please follow this trailblazing musician, stream his music often, and thank you for your support of DIY/ Independent Artists! 

Listen to it on spotify here


flo.wav single/video review of "Shift" 

Flagler Beach FL Boys,Dylan Parra & Conor Bertha,of Flo.Wav, knock it out of the park with this VISUALLY STIMULATING, ARTISTICALLY INSPIRING, POSITIVE VIBE video of single,SHIFT. Dropped on New Year's Day,this song is HAUNTING with a REFLECTIVE MELANCHOLY MELODY sung and rapped passionately to a very CHILL RHYTHM SECTION of live instruments driven forward by funkmaster drummer extraordinaire, Dylan P (this boy can beat!)  It's so easy to digest and listen to again and again (I'm on repeat as I write). It grooves fluidly right down into your soul like a delicious cup of cocoa on a cold day, sort of gives you that warm comfy feeling! A product of the special magic that takes place when best friends create music together...this song is extremely marketable & can easily become a mainstream success with the right push behind it.And hail to the videographer who captures beautiful images with back lighting work that in a word is POETIC! The Shadows perfectly reinforce the songs intent to make you FEEL the HARDSHIPS of life as well as the real HOPE to OVERCOME them! Flo.Wav, remember the name....they're the same fellows that brought Palm Coast the very successful FLO.WAV FEST.They're some of the hardest workers in the Florida music scene...follow them, support everything they do so you could say...  I knew them when!

Thank you for your support of Independent artists!!!

Listen to them now at www.flowavmusic.com


REVIEW of Spirit Of The Cow God ep by TMATG 

Dirty, gritty & bass bottom-heavy, with cranky guitar riffs, heavy-handed drumming and pissed off vocals...A Smash!!! Tom Mellow & the Gang,out of Orlando Florida, crush it with their debut ep SPIRIT OF THE COW GOD... download it immediately on your "syke me up for the show" playlist! Be warned, It's anything but mellow...captured & mixed down by Rugrat Records' Sloppy Jo, who had no easy task taking the Big Boi Chaotic Tom Mellow Sound and delivering it to us with individual representation of instrument & clear enough vocals without losing the Raw Garage Vibe that is so fitting for this Edgy Band.

True to their name, there is a liberal use of GANG Vocals, creating a High-Octane Ruckus Feel of a Rowdy House Show with a whole Lot Of Hubbub Happening...You are transcended into middle of the party and if played loud enough you may lose yourself thrashing about the house! I can't listen to it on the highway... I consistently end up driving too fast. Can't listen to it on my way to work... My fitness folks(I'm a senior fitness instructor by day) may end up with an impromptu moshing for health class, ha!

My point is this EP is a guilty pleasure... it's infectious! It drives you A-Loco Wild! This is why when TMATG join us on our Rugrat Stage, we put them on last, when getting ugly and ripping the roof off doesn't matter anymore. I first heard them at a Rugrat show last year... I was about to introduce them and when reading their name I was a bit put off--we opened up with singer-songwriter acts and I could tell the crowd needed a lift ... "Tom Mellow? oh geeze"  I thought "we don't need another mellow act!" Well, they jumped into rock mode and the place went nuts!  

Listen to this EP on 11,and please listen responsibly... as you Indulge Yourself On The Mayhem of Tom Mellow & The Gang!  

For CREATIVITY...i give it a 9/10...they brought us more than a 4 song EP, they delivered A ROCK OUT EXPERIENCE!  

For MARKETABILITY,well, if it is the underground arena a 9/10 but it is definitely Too Tough For The Tender Pallets Of The Milk Toast Mainstream! If FCC edited, it will,however, reach the college Hard Rock scene for sure!  

This band is great! One of my favorites in the Florida music scene! Follow their Pages, stream their music often and if playing live in your area, do not deny yourself a real TREAT...Check out there EP right now... and thank you for supporting DIY Independent Artists!  

Check out their bandcamp page here.