Spitphyre's single -DANCE review

   "Super different and experimental", that's how Jon Thomas from Spitphyre described their new release submitted for review. Knowing Jon to be a hardrocker (his band provided NY support 3 years in a row for The Ned tours), I figured "experimental" meant some sort of NOISE project? I was blindsided by what I heard...I should have taken hint from the title ...DANCE! With the 4 on the floor, 16 on the hat & a bright funky up/down guitar strum intro, they didn't go for modern Pop Dance/ EDM, but with all the elements of Classic Disco it brought me back to my Jr. High Dance (yes this metalhead's guilty pleasure was a bit of KC & Bee Gee's) All it needed now was a smooth horn section obbligato... and boom! There it is! Complete with trombone, euphonium, french horn & sax...a seductive call to the dance floor. 
   Now everybody loves to get a lil dance on & as quiet as it's kept...even hardrockers will take a break from the Pit to Boogie! "We wrote this song with the pure intention of getting the crowd on their feet" Jon later explained to me in an interview... and with the catchy & happily harmoized hook "dance dance dance with me", this song is hard to resist... A subtle shoulder-shrug, a half way hip sway or with hands flaring & booty shaking in ridiculous abandonment...DANCE is sure to get you moving! And just to let you know they are still true to the hard and heavy... some dirty guitar slides into the 2nd verse & later a classic face melting lead! I'm excited for Spitphyre who were all high school buddies growing up in Suffern New York & now college students throughout the Metro area.... they are looking for creative ways to engage the crowd & ensure them a great time...even if it means stepping outside of their comfort zone a bit. They recently opened up on the #PamNationPartyStage at the prestigious  Pleasantville Music Festival which featured acts like Soul Asylum & Everclear & currently have shows throughout the Metro area scheduled, more recording planned & an East Coast tour next summer(we will be hosting them in FL)...working long & hard to have their music heard far and wide! Give their new tune Dance a STREAM, then give their recent album Sunset Skies a go. FOLLOW their Pages, give them a SHOUT of encouragement ....and thank you for your awesome support of DIY/ independent artists! 

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Art(aka Pappa Ned)✌